Monday, March 30, 2009

I think fixing things can be fun

Did you know that a laptop can be taken apart, put back together, have left over screws and still work? Indeed. I've done it twice now. All together, about 9 screws have relocated from it's originally intended place in our HP laptop to my desk drawer, and yet, the laptop works beautifully.

Then there's my thumbdrive. The USB side kept sliding into the drive. Whereas in the past I would just go buy one, I'm really into fixing things. My solution, take a really hot soldering tip and melt the plastic so the USB side won't slide anymore. Add to that some globs of solder and voila, I got my 4GB stick back!

I'm finding that I really enjoy fixing things. Broken things. I'm no pro mind you, but in the end, the broken thing inevitably works again.

I wonder - from a heaven's perspective, if my life that is fixed by the Master is like a notebook with a few screws missing or a USB stick, with globs of melted solder holding things together. This I'm sure of - as much fun as I have in fixing broken things, God must get a kick in fixing me!

Here's my next geek project - A Homemade Antenna. Can't wait to get those ABC so I can watch LOST on the day it actually comes out!

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  1. He has been talking about this for over a month! The only thing saving us is that he doesn't have wire hangers. If anyone gives him wire hangers, I WILL COME AFTER THEM!

    Fixing things is fun, but I'll tell you something Katie Ann and I really enjoy: SHOPPING! Keep fixing your stuff baby, we'll take that extra spending cash right out of your hand!